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Beyond our invitation to mark your marriage or civil partnership celebrations with us, we also extend our services to offer authentic handfasting ceremonies by our available celebrants.


Being in the heart of Cornwall, Pengersick offer this Celtic ceremony either as a standalone honour with friends and family to celebrate your commitment, or as an accompanying act of devotion after the official marriage by the registrar.

This beautiful Pagan commitment ceremony has its origins dating back as far as the 1200’s with the introduction of the term ‘handfasting’ reaching the English language in the middle ages. In more recent times, handfasting is used in Celtic neopaganism ceremonies and acts as the symbolic gesture of tying ribbons or cord around the hands of a marrying couple. In fact, the term ‘tying the knot’ relating to marriage, comes from Pagan handfasting.


Our events team will be pleased to put you in contact with our chosen celebrants, or will be on hand to help your plans if you choose to include your own.

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